Success story

Sales portal for car tires and wheels

Industry: Automotive

Client profile:

One of the leading German car manufacturers

Lead time

over 3 years


5 Programmers

Technology and tools

  • Java EE
  • Spring Boot
  • IBM DB2
  • Apache Wicket
  • Angular
  • PrimeNG
  • Maven
  • Git
  • Swagger
  • Jenkins
  • Vagrant
  • Jira/Confluence

Requirements and challenges for FIS

Software that allows dealers to browse their local dealer’s offer of wheels and tires for their cars. Implementation of an automated, integrated local dealer’s warehouse systems based on the ordering process for tires and wheels

Benefits for the client

  • Centralization of data on the available offer from suppliers in different countries
  • Introduction to the system of appropriate management mechanisms and administration of the catalog of offers provided by various suppliers
  • Possibility to order selected models of tires and wheels in the same system

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Patrycja Pałus

Office Administrative Assistant

Please feel free to contact me by phone or email

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