IT Nearshoring in Eastern Europe using Poland as an example

Nearshoring is the key

1. Nearshoring Definition

Nearshoring is one of the ways of delegating business to another company, along with onshoring and offshoring.

More precisely, nearshoring is the transfer of business processes and activities to companies in a nearby country, where both parties expect to benefit from one or more of the following dimensions of proximity: geographical, temporal (time zone), cultural, linguistic, economic, political or historical connection. This ensures a high quality of communication. The benefits of nearshoring include access to higher skilled labour, better control and access to the project, which ultimately leads to better quality products, with a simultaneous significant reduction in costs.

Nearshoring combines the advantages of offshoring and onshoring, making it the most popular form of business relocation.

2. IT Nearshoring

What does nearshoring in the IT industry mean for IT companies? In addition to the cost advantages, there is a sea of opportunities, because in the last ten years Poland has become the number one IT hub in Europe and is high on the list of countries with a large number of IT specialists. Thus, the IT industry has also grown enormously in recent years, thanks to many IT service providers.

Outsourcing in the IT sector has long been one of the most common ways of transferring business, not only because work can be done from a home office, but also because no other equipment is needed apart from a suitable computer. Moreover, it is possible to delegate only a part of the development of software, for example, for which one does not have the appropriate specialists.

The decisive arguments are the technical and linguistic skills of the staff, whose know-how in software development makes them an ideal partner for the business. IT experts are hard to find, so it is easier to cooperate with a service provider who already has a successful team. 

3. Eastern Europe and Poland

Outsourcing, of course, also has a trend and a direction. Where offshore outsourcing used to predominate and operational activities were often outsourced to companies in distant countries, nearshore outsourcing is now on the rise, with business being moved to Eastern European countries. This is mainly due to advancing and increasingly complex technologies and the subsequent need for clear and efficient communication.

That is why Poland is so popular for nearshore software development, because according to the EF English Proficiency Index, English skills are very good here. Poland almost always places near the TOP 10, which not only allows good communication with clients from all over the world, but also technology knowledge. Located in the centre of Europe, the geographical proximity also makes Poland very attractive as a nearshore country, especially for Germany, because the second most popular foreign language in Poland is German and there are very few cultural differences.

4. Summary

If your company needs IT specialists for this or any other project, Poland is an excellent choice in any case. FIS-SST as a partner for the development of your software offers qualified and well-coordinated teams.

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