Forbes Interview: The right people

Mariusz Musiolik, Managing Director of FIS-SST and Monika Pyka, HR Generalist

Source: Forbes 11/2021

Why the right person in the right place is important for a company, we talk with Mariusz Musiolik, Managing Director of the IT company FIS-SST from Gliwice

What is the difficulty of building a good team in your industry?

MARIUSZ MUSIOLIK:  I think above all in finding and composing different personalities and character traits of individuals on the basis of our common foundation, which is our values such as openness, analyticity and creativity. It can be compared to a puzzle, which right arrangement offers great opportunities and allows even the most difficult software projects to be realized. On the other hand, any mismatch leads to the emergence of conflicts and destabilization. We should remember that technology itself is only a tool which, in order to exist and develop, needs a person to decide and direct it. Therefore the essential thing is, that it is the right person in the right place.

Is it easy to find specialists in Poland, who, in addition, will profess such values that are important for FIS-SST?

It’s never easy, so we are very appreciative and happy to have such a well-coordinated team as ours. Nowadays, the IT job market provides a very good income, which means that individual companies that want to recruit specialists quickly are offering more and more money. Our philosophy, however, is not only based on good pay, but above all on the fact that the respective specialist in his field should also be a nice person who finds himself in our team. Of course, we constantly want to add new people to our teams, but the most important thing for us is that we strive to find the right ‘match’.

What exactly is meant by the term “match”?

This is the appropriate choice depending on the situation. In our case, it takes place on several levels: the right composition of teams and people for them, the skillful search for solutions during difficult situations and internal discussions, and the selection of only those orders and clients that are attractive to us. Together with our HR department, we build healthy relationships, both internally and externally. The most important thing for us is the process awareness. Thanks to this, we at FIS-SST carry out many extremely interesting international projects for top brands in the automotive, insurance and industrial sectors. We deliver a high quality service, which is made possible thanks to ‘matching’. We are often confronted with challenges that I compare to climbing a high mountain – in such a demanding environment, we need to have confidence in all members of the expedition and form a monolithic team whose individual parts do ‘their thing’. Without this, we will never safely climb to the top.


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