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Values in the IT industry projects

Source: Forbes Poland, 02/2021

Values play a major role in building common business relationships. They are a link between business partners. A constant process of values implementation is an investment for the future.

How important are values in the IT industry?

Mariusz Musiolik: Values are not only for the IT industry – they are universal. For instance, complying with the quality criterion is an essential aspect for the client and for us it is a measure of our evaluation. Methodology ensures control over the software development process. Partnership strengthens long-term business relationships, builds trust and ensures communication. Professionalism means nothing else but specifying the procedure that aims to meet the expectations.

Where does your belief in the significance of those values come from?

M. M.: For over 20 years I have been involved in the implementation of IT projects in various industries, e. g. in banking and telecommunications. Thanks to that I had the opportunity to observe and to learn about different management methodologies which led to various outcomes. I believe that organizations which consciously develop and implement values achieve better results in the long term.

Which values have been developed at FIS-SST?

M. M.: FIS-SST does not operate solely on its own, here we are talking about cooperation, e. g. between the German parent company FIS GmbH, from which we draw the quality standards, and the Polish FIS-SST, where we work on a common set of principles and values. Long-term business activity and experience on the D-A-CH market has taught us not only about quality, partnership, methods and professionalism, but also has made us aware that the process of management by values actually does not end. For us it is an ongoing process which we approach with the appropriate determination. A crucial factor in implementing the values is involvement of all employees and the proper understanding of those values. With such an approach we aim to build the future.

How the values developed at FIS-SST impact the business?

M. M.: In software houses, the implemented value system creates proper standards and software development processes. In short, we achieve business synergy in which we cooperate with partners in a transparent manner and we jointly implement IT projects.

A quote from the partner:

“I believe that organizations which consciously develop and implement values achieve better results in the long term. – Mariusz Musiolik, Executive Board Member at FIS-SST.”

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