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Client profile:

ISB AG, as an innovative full-service IT service provider with its headquarters in Karlsruhe, Germany, has been developing IT solutions that provide customers with maximum added value in their business processes for 30 years.

ISB offers a wide range of services expected from a professional, trusted IT partner: consulting, solution development, implementation, training and support. ISB AG’s activities are customer-oriented and manufacturer-independent. Areas of specialization include public administration and the industrial sector, where ISB has successfully completed many projects of different types and sizes.


The responsibilities of FIS-SST included technical analysis of the client’s requirements, estimation of implementation costs, planning of project implementation and support for implementation.

Requirements and challenges for FIS

FIS team has so far supported the ISB, among other things, in developing an archiving system for state authorities, a religious information system in the environment of church institutions, as well as a product database in the industrial environment.

Benefits for the client

ISB does not regret its decision to choose FIS-SST as a nearshoring partner, whose employees have extensive knowledge of software development, approach issues responsibly and creatively and have a high level of communication skills.

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