Software Solutions Team

FIS-SST is a Software House with many years of experience in cooperation with customers in the DACH market. 

Important note: FIS-SST Sp. z o.o. is since 9 March 2022 member of the Q_PERIOR Group and no longer part of the FIS Group. For further information about the Q_PERIOR Group please visit

We offer support of IT specialists who have the knowledge and know-how to improve digital functioning of companies. We have been operating in the demanding IT market continuously since 2002. During this time, we have managed to develop effective methods of cooperation based on reliable partnership, innovative approach and passion for development. Thanks to this, our partners can be sure that their company’s IT services are handled by committed and responsible professionals.

Our services are tailored to your needs:

Trust the competence of our specialists

As an experienced Software House, we know the typical needs of medium and large companies in terms of specialist IT services. Our offer and the scope of our specialties have been formulated based on this knowledge. However, we do not stop there – we constantly develop our competence base, and after consultation with the client, we adjust the offer to individual needs. As a result, our partners can turn to us with any matter and be sure that our specialists will offer a satisfying and effective solution.

How do we work?

We believe that cooperation based on the principles of reliable and loyal partnership in business is the key to development. The success of our customers is our success; therefore, we approach each project individually. We analyze the specificity of the company and the market it operates in, and then propose optimal solutions. After establishing cooperation, we offer full project management and team management so that the client does not have to deal with it alone. In this way, you can benefit from a job well done, without wasting your own time.

Our Vision of Partnership

Learning the Business
Building Trust
Long-term Cooperation
Maintaining Continuity
Full Commitment

Diamond method

During our many years of work in the demanding IT market, we managed to develop our own methodology of cooperation with the client. We provide our IT services based on five proven, effective stages.

1. Preliminary Interviews

We want to get to know your business and choose solutions that will be able to meet your requirements and realistically improve business processes in your company. The introductory talks are intended to allow us to understand how your business works and what it needs to function even better.

2. Matching the Offer

Having the necessary knowledge about your company and the specifics of the market in which it operates, we move on to the creation and presentation of a personalized set of solutions. This is when the decision about starting the cooperation is made.

3. Team Selection

With the formalities behind us, we can begin to select the most effective and qualified team of specialists to meet your needs. We do this according to the FIS Work Standard. We attach great importance to ensuring that each member of the team understands your needs and has the necessary experience and skills. Candidates for our specialists must complete our recruitment process, which consists of assessing both hard and soft skills. Positive completion of the verification is a prerequisite for them to service our partners.

4. Tools Selection

Appropriately selected solutions and tools are one of the keys to success. At this stage, we analyze the most effective solutions that can be used to achieve the previously set goals. We select them keeping in mind both immediate efficiency and the prospect of future development.

5. Long-term relationship

The last stage of our work on the project is the most important – it is a satisfied customer who becomes our long-term partner. We believe that only by providing personalized solutions of impeccable quality can we achieve this goal.

About us

Since 2002 we have been providing the highest quality of solutions for process digitalization for medium and large companies in the DACH market. Our roots guarantee quality and precision, while our localization allows offering competitive prices.